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Two Hour Workshop With Dougie Tobutt

LOOK AFTER YOURSELF (The components of Good Health)

Dougie will talk about the time when he had his own health issues and how he overcame them without a carrier bag full of drugs, all he had been offered by the NHS.

He went back to college to study courses on Health and Fitness, to address his own problems. Having reached these goals, his aim now is to help others achieve ultimate good health.

We all know that good nutrition is important, but what is a balanced diet and what are the miracle foods?

We accept that exercise is important, but what are the main components of exercise than must not be overlooked?

What is bio-mechanics and how can it affect your health if you are out of balance?

We all become stressed, but how can we best handle it?

Why is massage important and how can you massage yourself?

Why do curious people live longer?

Why is fun and laughter important to your health?


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