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Medistone Bodywork - A Unique Treatment With Dramatic Results


A combination of Remedial Massage, Thermal Stone Therapy,
Shiatsu and Electro Therapy. It's a great treatment for whole range of problems including back/neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, acute and chronic sports injuries, general muscular aches and pains, shin splints, hamstring strains, plantar faciitis (foot pain), knee tendonitis, stress, tension, anxiety, migraine and sinus problems.

ITS A MYTH If I rest my painful muscles, they will heal!

You may get pain relief for a time, but more likely they will recur. Most muscle pain develops over a period of time, several months or even years. When a muscle starts to repair, it creates scar tissue and other adhesions which glue the damaged fibres together. If left untreated, the damaged muscle becomes rigid and loses elasticity. A good blood supply is essential to the repair process in damaged tissue, but this will not happen if the muscles are hard and rigid, and the result is pain.


From the age of thirty, you can lose up to 10% of your flexibility every ten years as muscles become less flexible and shorten. As a result, ligaments and tendons become tighter and this can compress the joints and can often be the start of arthritis.
Medistone will give you back your flexibility.


Life experiences translate through our bodies through stress, tension and anxiety. Tissues harden, rigidity accumulates and the result is pain. Many people do not realise that they suffer from stress until they have a Medistone treatment. We have hundreds of clients from the ages of 10 to 92 who've all benefited from Medistone Bodywork   

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